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New England: A Homecoming


New England

Thailand is the dream. Its beautiful, the food is delicious, travel is cheap, and people are friendly. Its like the holy grail to backpackers. But when I was there all I could think about was New England. I had already started transitioning away from my backpacker lifestyle and back into home.

I have never been that person who wants to travel to get away from home. I love home, Portland Maine is an amazing little city and I think when I travel I’ve convinced other backpackers that Portland is the epicenter of America. Like you can totally skip NYC and Chicago cause Portland is where its all happening. (Disclaimer: Portland is basically a two mile peninsula).

To this day the post I wrote about Portland gets the most traffic on my blog and people find me by either googling about travel in Sichuan or about where to go to brunch in Portland.

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a little baby lighthouse, also known as buglight

I’m not presently in town right now, since finding a decent apartment takes a small miracle these days, apparently I’m not the only one who loves Portland.

I’m outside of town in this small suburb that’s not much to talk about really. It used to be a farming area though and when I go for runs its past open fields filled with dandelions, meandering streams, cemeteries, and old churches. Its really things I’ve seen a million times but coming back from the chaos of Asia, seeing these empty green fields and watching the bubbling creeks make me happy.

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While travelling its so easy to get excited about these ancient places and the exotic history it represents- but this is my history, my ancestors, and the story I’m apart of.

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New England Mountains

When people found out I went trekking in Nepal people told me that I wouldn’t find hiking around home very exciting anymore. Which sort of annoyed me because beauty does NOT negate beauty. Nepal is …. Nepal and the Himalayas are amazing and dramatic and unlike anything else- but they don’t make me hate hiking in less dramatic places. The white mountains of New Hampshire and the Mahoosuc mountains of Maine are my mountains. They are filled with granite cliffs and pine trees and waterfalls and simply beautiful. I can’t imagine how terrible it would be if travelling made you appreciate things less, it should make you see beauty everywhere.

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Rocky Coasts

Maine is coastline. We have more coastline then any other state because its so jagged and we also have half a million islands that count towards coastline. Its rocky, barnacle covered and just wild. Its not a place to lay and get tan, its a place where you watch the tide so you don’t get trapped. Its where I used to run across the rock climb up the cliffs and dream of being an adventurer.

two lights, maine, new england,

two lights, cape elizabeth maine

maine's rocky coast

Of course home is family and being with my family and my friends is amazing. Especially my new little nephew who just looks at the world with new born eyes and his world is about all eating and sleeping and his biggest smiles come from when he sees my sister smiling.


Coming home is strange. I love this tiny corner of the world because its my corner but it doesn’t have the romance of backpacking around carefree and all the things I put on pause to go travel are suddenly not paused anymore. It helps that I also don’t feel like I’ll be here forever- There are 8 pages left in my passport and 3 continents I’ve never set foot on. I know I have adventures coming.

Do other people have a home they get excited to go home too? Or a place they love the same way? As always you’re welcome to follow along on Instagram, Bloglovin, and Twitter