Links I would (and did) click on

Links I would (and did) click on

Other people always write posts about the cool things they’ve found online and I thought I would start doing that myself. At least once anyways. These are some great links I’ve been loving lately.

Suining Sichuan temples

I loved this article about the idea of reading a bit of poetry

“Snatch a few minutes of being human back from the endless accomplishing..”

I have about 7 poems saved on my phone for whenever the moment strikes me and I need a bit of poetry to remind me that life is full of bits of magic.

wendell berry, poetry

This article looks at HONY (humans of new York) a project I love as well as the similar project Tea with Strangers that basically sets up strangers… to have tea together. Both huge projects were just the hobbies and passions of individuals. Its amazing what happens when you follow a dream and it allows you to connect with others.

This podcast about American expats living in China…. was literally the best thing I’ve ever listened to/ read about China. Its so impossible to really capture that country. The culture, the politics, the strange way they view foreigners and the sadness of how America and china increasingly seem to dislike one another… this podcast captured everything I’ve never been able to express.

NPR has this list of American colloquialisms. Apparently maine has the expression “putty around” to refer to being lazy. I have definitely heard this but never knew it was regional. Ohio, where I went to college and learned I really shouldn’t live in the Midwest, has the expression “dope” for dessert toppings. Which is something stupid the Midwest would do (I’m sorry I hate the Midwest so much (not really sorry))

This article from Time is about the best way to help Nepal recover from the earthquake. Go there. Not so people can play hero and take pictures of themselves holding a child so they can splatter that across FB, just go and hire a guide and porter, stay in guesthouses and give people the dignity of work.

annapurna circuit, nepal, trekking

the beautiful annapurnas

Rockclimbing and adventure sports that come with risk have always fascinated me. Some people think its irresponsible to do things that come with any sense of danger, but this longform story talks a bit about the people who do adventure and how they make peace with danger

a picture via Silvia on

a picture via Silvia on

Silvia from Heart My Backpack wrote a post about why you should be afraid to visit Romania. she also has many lovely pictures of Sighisoara, the town I spent a semester in back in 2009. Romania is really a ridiculously beautiful country. And Silvia writes one of my favorite blogs.

These links are gonna seem completely self-promotional but they are posts I wrote/contributed too

This post I contributed to about saving money for travel on Farsickness

This guide I wrote (actually awhile ago) about how to have yourself a lovely trip in Chengdu – my favorite city in China for HippieinHeels

Chengdu sichuan china

Well hopefully some of these articles are interesting to people. I will probably write some posts about Portland and being home eventually, as soon as I organize my thoughts about it I guess. Its somewhat jarring to go from teaching in China, to being a carefree backpacker, to suddenly being back to making big life decisions and worrying about things like careers, licenses, leases, and protein. But a good kind of jarring, if that makes sense.