On Going Home

On Going Home

The end of my travels is near. Really really near. Its sort of ironic since I have blogged about almost nothing. I haven’t even finished writing about china yet and I now have Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand to write about.

Initially I had no interested but it seemed like an exciting end to my travels. I had no idea how terrifying and rewarding it would be. For a girl who spent her childhood peering into tidal pools, floating through shipwrecks and coral reefs was a huge privilege. In my travels I’ve been so blessed to so much beauty and I can never get over what a privilege it is to bear witness to it and to live in such a lovely world.


Besides getting my open water certification and doing some fun dives, I’ve spent the last week doing a truly excessive amount of yoga (so out of shape) laying on a beach, reading all the good books, drinking fruit smoothies and being happy. Its been my vacation inside my vacation. Everything is so bright and colorful here that when I close my eyes I see sunshine and when I do yoga I feel myself floating under the ocean. It’s been lovely


I’m sad I’m not really going to see very much of Thailand… but my energy level has been low since Vietnam. More and more my thoughts are turning home.


Its a funny thing, other backpackers keep sighing and being sympathetic when I tell them I fly home on Friday- but I don’t feel sad or sorry for myself. While there is still SO much I want to see and do- I don’t really view itas the end of an adventure. There are so many things I want to see and do in New England and the surrounding areas and I assume I’ll be putting more stamps in my passport before too very long. I miss my family and more then anything its just time to go home. Not too soon and not too late.

Everywhere I’ve gone, some of the most beautiful places on earth, I’ve been telling people about the pine trees and rocky coasts of maine, about picking blueberries in the morning to make pancakes, about the sound of rain on your tent in the morning and listening to the loons call out over the lake while you fall asleep.


Maine is in my blood and my bones. I’ll always have adventures and I’ll always go home.