One Week of Travel

One Week of Travel



oh lijing, you’re pretty but mostly a crazy crowded mess

Its been a week since I left Nanchong.  In that time I’ve been in 3 different cities, slept in 4 different beds, hiked a gorge, gotten scammed, got lost 3 times,  taken 1 train and 4 bus’, eaten a lot of fried rice and boiled tea eggs. I’m incredibly happy.

Leaving Nanchong was sad, but honestly the further the train went the more I felt the stress of the past year fall away. Sometime people think its crazy that I travel in China without speaking Chinese but its lost easier than living in Nanchong. They make guides for the travel.


I’ve been to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and hiked the tiger leaping gorge- which is the reason why my legs are currently trashed. I’ll write more about these amazing places later but I thought I would share some of the highlights of travel in terms of Taste, See, Hear, and Feel. (I’m not including smell since I basically have no sense of smell(I know its weird)) tomorrow I’m heading back to Dali to chill for a bit since we’re exhausted and I’m in love with that hippie town

Taste: Stinky Tofu– I finally got around to trying it. I’ve actually never known it was stinky tofu since I can’t smell it but my friend point it out to me and I decided I should finally try it. Some other backpackers gave me their opinion on the smell, most of them saying it smelled like some sort of excrement. Honestly it didn’t taste that great either so I’m not sure what the fuss was


See: The stars over the tiger leaping gorge. I woke up at 6:30 and went out to the rooftop porch to watch the sun come up but the sky was full of stars. I brought a blanket with me and huddled around my thermos of coffee. The wind was whipping like crazy and you could hear it roaring through the gorge. I can’t see the stars in Nanchong and much like my time in Langmusi- it did my soul good to see a bit of the universe when the rest of the world was still asleep.

tiger leaping gorge sunrise

Hear: Fireworks. I wrote about all the fireworks for the new year and even now, 4 days later, I can still hear them going off as I write this. It was a lot of fun to hear and see them. I was little disappointed I didn’t find a more cultural way to celebrate the new year then going to a bar- but I love hearing the fireworks.

tiger leaping gorge1

because goats are awesome. (seen on the tiger leaping gorge)


Feel: The feeling of movement. This weeks I’ve had trains, busses, taxis, and my own two feet taking me all over Yunnan province. I love the feeling of being in motion, not being tired down to any specific place or any plan. I’m already sunburnt and my backpack is way too heavy but its amazing to watch the miles race past outside my window.

Lijiang 3

shilin stone forest

Shilin stone forest: Very very cool