Glacier national park

Glacier National Park

I went to Glacier National Park because of pinterest.

Seriously, I had never considered the park until this photo started popping up everywhere on people’s “places I will go” boards.

I had just gotten back from a trip seeing 4 parks in southwest and I was raging for more. I sent my friend the pin and said we should go there next year. It was pretty convincing.

Here is the thing about Glacier- we went in May, without checking the weather forecasts first. It was COLD. Like frost on the tent cold, like some of the trails still were covered in snow cold. I really didn’t pack the right gear for it.

But, Glacier is the single most¬†beautiful place I’ve ever been. Sometimes places or experiences are so beautiful that you can go back to them. Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed I try to focus on good memories and places I’ve been.¬† My memories of Glacier are some my best and I have spend some crowded urine-scented (not mine) bus rides remembering my time there.

Glacier 8

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want next. Trying, for once in my life, to actually set some goals. I think making sure I spend more time in places like this is something I need to make a priority.

So I’m taking a break from posting my usual Sichuan things. I’m going to (maybe) post about the other parks I’ve spent some time in as well.

Glacier national park the view from our campsi